Erez Laufer Films
Zehava Ben — The Solitary Star
Zehava Ben — The Solitary Star
59 minutes; Hebrew and Arabic, with English subtitles

A view of middle east politics, circa 1996, through the life and performances of Zehava Ben. The Moroccan-born Israeli musician captured the hearts of audiences Gaza, Jericho, and elsewhere throughout the Arab world.
WINNER: 1997 Gold Hugo, Chicago International Film Festival
Director, Camera: Erez Laufer
Editor: Amir Meirom
Producer: Dalia Migdal
Production: Eyal Peled , Mehir Katz Idan Productions & Erez Laufer Films, Ltd.
Original Version:81 mins Hebrew Arabic (heb. sub.)
International Version:59 mins (eng.sub)

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