Erez Laufer Films
Mother Cinderella
Mother Cinderella
59 minutes; Hebrew, with English subtitles

This exciting documentary follows the world renowned Israel Ballet Company as they perform Cinderella and tour Beijing and three other cities in China. As the tour comes to a close, the company’s prima ballerina is faced with a major conflict. She and her husband wish to have a child, a decision that might jeopardize her career.
Directed, Filmed and Edited by Erez Laufer
Producers: Eli Shemesh, Doron Abrahami
Acting Poducer: Dalia Migdal
Production: Absolute production, Erez Laufer Films, Ltd., England Israel Television Corporation
International version 59 mins. English Hebrew. Eng. sub.
Original Film 70 mins. English Hebrew Heb. sub
Broadcast in Telad

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